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Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program

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The City of Mississauga has been awarded approximately $5.6 million in Government of Canada funding for 54 infrastructure rehabilitation projects through Intake 1 and 2 of the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program (CIP 150). These CIP 150 approved City projects include the rehabilitation of 19 trails, 26 playgrounds and specific renovation projects at Lake Aquitaine Park, Riverwood, South Common Community Centre and the Small Arms Inspection Building.

The federal program celebrates Canada’s 150th anniversary, under the theme Giving back to Canada. The objective of the program is to strengthen public infrastructure and provide economic benefits in communities across Canada.

Funded by:

Intake 1 Projects

Riverwood (Ward 6)

Located in central Mississauga and nestled along the banks of the historic Credit River, the 60-hectare (150-acre) Riverwood property is a special place where history, nature, beauty and peace blend together to create an enjoyable and lasting outdoor experience.

With a high volume of programming and extensive public use, Riverwood’s aging infrastructure required redevelopment to meet the current demands of this heritage property.

Environmental Art Gateway
pine tree sculpture

Pine Sanctuary Sculpture

Riverwood’s entry garden was updated to improve the visual sightlines and street presence. Improvements include a new perennial garden, tree plantings and an irrigation system.

An Environmental Art Gateway was also incorporated into the landscape to celebrate Riverwood through a special gathering space. The Pine Sanctuary public art sculpture was installed with feature lighting, accessible concrete plinth, seating and pathways.

Chappell House
pine tree sculpture

Chappell House Entrance

Work at the Chappell House was geared towards increasing space for public environmental programs. The main office was converted into a classroom and improvements were made to the furnace to increase energy efficiency.

The building’s landscaping and front entry were redeveloped for heritage character and to improve access for people with disabilities.

Visual Arts Mississauga Building
Visual Arts Mississauga building

Visual Arts Mississauga Building

All-season access to washroom facilities as well as improved emergency exits were added to the Visual Arts Mississauga building.

Lake Aquitaine (Ward 9)

Dock at Lake Aquitaine

spray pad

Spray Pad at Lake Aquitaine


As the Meadowvale Community Centre was redeveloped, the spray pad, dock and connecting trail system were rehabilitated at the same time to provide refreshed amenities and maximize user satisfaction.

Jaycee Park (Ward 3)

Jaycee Park Playground

The playground at Jaycee Park offers more than traditional equipment in an effort to remove barriers to play for children and caregivers with varying disabilities to ensure equal opportunities for play and interaction. Play spaces were developed to create multisensory experiences while encouraging lasting memories of interactive fun.

Through the principles of universal design, the play site includes rubber surfacing, wheelchair access ramps, transfer stations to allow children access to playground equipment, protective surfaces and adaptive swings.

Playground Redevelopments

Johnny Bower Park Playground

The CIP 150 playground redevelopments included eight locations listed below. Replacing aging infrastructure allowed the City to redevelop these playgrounds to include state-of-the-art equipment and provide for active living through the addition of outdoor fitness equipment.

outdoor fitness equipment
Outdoor Fitness Equipment at Iroquois Flats

Making playgrounds accessible and family oriented is our goal. This includes accessible play equipment, wood fibre surfacing and ramps to provide access to play and fitness areas.

  • Birch Glen Park (Ward 2)
  • Birchwood Park (Ward 2)
  • Cordingley Park (Ward 10)
  • Iroquois Flats (Ward 7)
  • Johnny Bower Park (Ward 10)
  • Laughton Heights (Ward 1)
  • Stillmeadow Park (Ward 7)
  • Westwood Park (Ward 5)

Trail Rehabilitations

In order to keep our communities connected and ensure safe accessibility to our parks system, the regular maintenance of trails is required. Reconstruction of the 14 trails at the locations listed below were undertaken to meet the needs of residents for cycling, running, walking and a variety of other activities.

  • Birch Glen Park (Ward 2)
  • Bishopstoke Park (Ward 4)
  • Camilla Park (Ward 7)
  • Derry Greenway (Ward 5)
  • Douglas Kennedy Park (Ward 1)
  • Fairview Park (Ward 7)
  • Father Joseph A. Nolan Park (Ward 5)
  • Forest Glen (Ward 3)
  • Lakeview Golf Course (Ward 1)
  • Manor Hill (Ward 11)
  • Sheridan Creek (Ward 2)
  • Spruce Park (Ward 1)
  • Vista Heights (Ward 11)
  • Woodington Green (Ward 4)

Intake 2 Projects

Ward 1

  • Lynwood Park (Playground)
  • Westacres Park (Playground)
  • Small Arms Inspection Building (Rehabilitation)

Ward 2

  • Hillside Park (Playground)
  • Sheridan Park (Playground)

Ward 3

  • Alison’s Park (Playground)
  • Burnhamdale Park (Playground)
  • Cherry Hill (Playground)

Ward 4

  • Brentwood Park (Playground)
  • Syed Jallaluddin Park (Playground)

Ward 5

  • Paul Coffey Park (Playground)

Ward 6

  • Trooper Marc Diab Memorial Park (Playground)
  • Fallingbrook Community Park (Playground)

Ward 7

  • Camilla Park (North) (Playground)
  • City View Park (Playground)

Ward 8

  • Trapper's Green (Playground)
  • South Common Community Centre (Customer Service Desk)

Ward 9

  • Bell Harbour Park (Trail)
  • Britannia Rd & Glen Erin Dr (Accessible Intersection Compliance)
  • Glen Eden Park (Playground)
  • Middlebury Park (Playground)

Ward 10

  • Marco Muzzo Sr. Memorial Woods & Park (Trail)
  • Osprey Marsh (Trail)
  • O’Harra Park (Trail)

Ward 11

  • Erin Woods (Trail)
  • Bancroft Park (Playground)
  • Godwick Green (Playground)
  • Jon Clipperton Park (North) (Retaining Wall Restoration)
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