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Chimney Swift

A Chimney Swift Tower has been constructed to provide a safe habitat for the local population of Chimney Swifts.
Chimney Swift
  • The Timothy Street Park Chimney Swift Tower Project was initiated by former long-time Streetsville resident and self-taught naturalist, Bill Evans
  • Evans partnered with Rusty Rustenberg, a former Ministry of Natural Resources Conservation Officer, and the South Peel Naturalists
  • Evans and his "Swift Action Team" worked with Councillor George Carlson and the City of Mississauga to find a suitable location for the tower
  • The tower was installed in Timothy Street Park in the spring of 2016
Apprentices at the Ontario Masonry Training Centre in Mississauga built two 18-ft. towers. The Cement Association of Canada donated cement for the foundation, Forterra Brick donated the bricks for the tower, and Harris Rebar provided rebar.
The Chimney Swift is a small bird, with a sooty brown, cigar-shaped body, long slender wings and a lighter throat; it can be distinguished by its acrobatic flight pattern. They are found in urban areas and nest in chimneys and other manmade structures. The Chimney Swift breeds in eastern North America. The Chimney Swift is a "Threatened" species and its' population has decreased due to a decline in its prey and loss in habitat.
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