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City of Mississauga Parks and Forestry - Community Stewardship

Community Stewardship

The City works hard to keep Mississauga clean, green and beautiful. However, we can’t do it alone! Here's just a few ways you can help:

Plant a Tree

Trees are important to the environment, health and quality of life in our neighbourhoods. The City launched the One Million Trees Mississauga program with the goal of planting one million trees by 2032. Trees are planted by City staff, partners and volunteers on public and private property around the City.

Visit to learn how you can get involved.

Adopt a Park

Commit to cleaning up an area that is important to you such as a park in your neighbourhood. By keeping this area clean, you group will be recognized for helping to keep Mississauga’s parks clean and discourage littering.

The Adopt-a-Park Program begins with a two-year commitment of organizing a minimum of three clean-ups per year. The City will support your group by providing the necessary gloves, garbage bags and garbage collection.

Clean up a Park

Is your group interested in cleaning up a park? Volunteer for two hours or more at one of our parks in Mississauga as part of a Park Clean-Up Activity. The City will supply bags, gloves and garbage pick-up. Note: This is a self-directed group activity.

Paint a Mural

Our Park Beautification Murals are proudly painted by the Community for the Community. The unique imagery in each mural draws from the surrounding community and natural environment while also helping to discourage unwanted graffiti and vandalism.

Under the guidance and mentorship of a mural artist, volunteers will contribute their talents to the painting of a pre-designed and pre-sketched mural.

Steward a Park

Stewardship activities such as invasive species removal, weeding, mulching and garden bed maintenance are available to groups of up to 20 at Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens and Hancock Woodlands. All supplies will be provided. City Staff will be onsite to guide groups.

Adopt a Garden

Do you have a green thumb and a talent for turning flower gardens into colourful masterpieces? The Adopt-a-Garden Program is looking for you! The program begins in spring (late April) and goes through October. Gardeners are required to attend one training session to learn about responsibilities, safety, types of plants and their designated site. Volunteer gardeners are expected to tend their gardens for at least two hours, twice a month.

The Adopt-a-Garden Program is an opportunity for residents and community groups to become involved in the maintenance of existing and the creation of new garden areas in Mississauga’s open spaces and parks.

A sample list of possible work includes:

  • Maintenance, general clean-up and beautification of existing gardens on public lands
  • Weed control
  • Wildflower planting
  • Annual and perennial planting
  • Species specific planting
  • Enhancement and landscaping of existing garden areas

Volunteer opportunities will be announced shortly.

You can find additional opportunities to volunteer with the City of Mississauga on our volunteer webpage.

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