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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a children's spray pad be added to the park in my community?
Spray pads have a high capital cost and as a result are considered to be destination facilities that cannot be provided in every park. The City of Mississauga currently operates 26 spray pads. Spray pads are open every day during the summer months from 9 am to 8pm at the following locations found here

Any new spray pad recommendations would be determined through the City's Future Directions 2014 Master Plan for Recreation which helps guide the long term provision of recreation in the City.

How is it determined which community park gets a playground? Why are some children's playgrounds larger and have more equipment than others?
The City's Future Directions 2014 Master Plan, identifies the need to provide community playgrounds to residential areas on the basis of each playground offering service to an 800 metre distance radius. The size and variety of play elements at these playgrounds are fairly typical for community parks in residential neighbourhoods. The City also provides destination parks with larger playgrounds that serve the whole city, such as O'Connor Park, Port Credit Memorial Park and Lakeside Park.

When will the children's playground equipment be replaced in my community park?
The City of Mississauga plans and budgets for replacement of old playground equipment as part of the ten-year capital budget forecast. Under the playground redevelopment program, playgrounds are ranked and prioritized by structural condition and other factors. The life span of a playground is typically 20-25 years before it is replaced.

The City has a program of formal playground inspections which occur regularly. Repairs are made as required.

Does the City of Mississauga have any accessible playgrounds or playgrounds that have accessible features?
The City of Mississauga is moving towards increased playground accessibility. In response to the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (Ontario Regulation 191/11), the City's Playground Redevelopment Program will include accessible swings, accessible features and playground mulch in all future playground redevelopments. In addition, the City has a number of fully accessible playgrounds and playgrounds with improved accessibility.

Fully Accessible Playgrounds in Mississauga

  • O'Connor Park (3570 Bala Drive)
  • Port Credit Memorial Park (22 Stavebank Road North)
  • Zonta Meadows Park (410 Rathburn Road West)

The City has the following fully accessible playgrounds planned for future development:

  • Elmcreek Park (7320 Darcel Avenue) - forecast date: 2021
  • Jaycee Park (1520 Gulleden Drive) - forecast date: 2015/2016
  • Rivergrove Community Centre (5800 River Grove Avenue) - forecast date: 2015

Playgrounds with Improved Accessibility

Park Name Address Accessible Feature(s)
Albert McBride Park 3811 Teeswater Rd. Universal swing, playground mulch
Brickyard Park 3061 Clayhill Rd. Rubber surfacing & sand
Clarkson CC & Library Grounds 2475 Truscott Dr. Rubber surfacing
Harold E. Kennedy Park 20 Rosewood Ave. Universal swing, playground mulch, accessible route
Hershey Sportzone South 715 Matheson Blvd. Ex Playground mulch
Highland View Park 5742 Heatherleigh Ave. Universal swing with sand
Horseshoe Park 7150 Saint Barbara Blvd. Universal swing, playground mulch
Huron Park 715 Matheson Blvd. E. Playground mulch
Jack Darling Memorial Park 1180 Lakeshore Road W. Universal swing, rubber surfacing & sand
Jim Murray Community Park 5225 Tenth Line West Universal swing, playground mulch, accessible route
King's Masting Park 3389 Martins Pine Cres. Playground mulch, accessible play features
Lake Wabukayne Park 6150 Erin Mills Parkway Universal with sand
Lakeside Park 2266 Lakeshore Rd. W. Universal swing, playground mulch, accessible route
Lisgar Fields 3805 Doug Leavens Blvd. Universal swing, playground mulch, accessible route
Madill Common 581 Huntington Ridge Dr. Universal swing, playground mulch, accessible route
McKechnie Woods 310 Bristol Road E. Rubber tiles
Pickwick Green 1335 Pickwick Drive Universal swing, playground mulch, accessible route
Promenade Meadows 7099 Danton Promenade Universal swing, playground mulch, accessible routes
Sandford Farm 845 White Clover Way Universal swing, playground mulch, accessible route
Stillmeadow Park 845 White Clover Way Universal swing with sand
Why do some children's playgrounds have a sand surface while others have mulch or rubber surfaces?
Historically, sand has been used for both safety reasons and its play value in most of the city's 264 public playgrounds. Playground mulch (also known as engineered wood fibre) is now being used in place of sand as the City moves toward increased playground accessibility. Playground mulch is manufactured to safety specifications and designed for use in playgrounds. As compared to playground sand, playground mulch is able to protect against greater fall heights with less maintenance of the safety surface. Beyond its superior safety benefits, playground mulch has properties that allow for greater accessibility for persons with disabilities including children and caregivers, making it the City's current standard for playground safety surfacing. Rubber surfacing also improves accessibility and is only used in designated playgrounds due to cost and short life.
Can pathway lighting be added to the trails in my community park?
Installation of path lighting for parks is determined by a set of criteria based on the City's Park Path Light Policy. Parks are not eligible for path lights that do not provide direct links to transit, commercial, institutional (schools) or do not have lighted sports fields.
When will the trail in my community park be repaired?
Through the City's Pavement Management Assessment for park trails, an inventory and condition audit of all hard-surface pathways and trails in Mississauga parks has been established. Pathways are then ranked and prioritized by the condition audit findings. High priority pathway reconstruction projects are submitted through the Capital Budget Request process into the 10 year forecast and are prioritized against other citywide replacement needs.
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