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City of Mississauga Parks and Forestry - Mission & Vision


People choose Mississauga for its connected, vibrant outdoor public spaces, creating memorable outdoor experiences, and recognize it as a leader in the stewardship of the natural environment.


We are a dynamic team of staff, volunteers and partners working together to strengthen individuals, families, our communities and the environment through stewardship and by offering and encouraging lifelong learning, leisure and sustainable outdoor experiences.

This service is provided by:

A multi-disciplinary team composed of Park Planning, Park Development, Parks Operations and Forestry working cooperatively to meet and deliver the open space and outdoor recreational needs of the community.

Interesting facts about this service:

  • 44,976 trees were planted through the One Million Trees Mississauga program in 2013
  • 298,583 hours of maintenance was performed in 2013 for the care of 7,122 Acres (2,882 Hectares) of parkland and open space, including 367 sports fields, 262 playgrounds, one million City-owned trees, two marinas and 10 publicly owned cemeteries;
  • There are 152 publicly owned woodlands and natural areas covering 2,777 Ac (1,124 Ha);
  • Over 7,500 annual service requests from the 3-1-1 Citizen Contact Centre are received and resolved by Parks & Forestry, along with more than 1,000 additional direct inquiries;
  • 32,200 hours of community service were contributed for community cleanups, naturalization projects, beautification initiatives, tree plantings and community garden plantings since 2010;
  • 22.75 hectares (56.22 acres) of open space has been acquired since 2010 through dedication and purchase;
  • 25,600 trees have been pruned through the City's block pruning program from 2010 to 2013; and
  • 128,690 hours of outdoor sports fields and 26,562 hours of park permits were booked in 2013.
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