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City of Mississauga Parks and Forestry - Mission & Vision


We are a dynamic team that protects the natural environment and creates great public spaces to make healthy and happy communities.


People choose Mississauga for its connected, vibrant outdoor public spaces, creating memorable outdoor experiences, and recognize it as a leader in the stewardship of the natural environment.

About Parks & Forestry

The City’s Parks & Forestry Division is composed of Forestry Operations, Park Planning, Park Development and Parks Operations sections working cooperatively to meet and deliver the open space and outdoor recreational needs of the community. Collectively, we manage:

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Forestry Operations

Forestry Operations consists of a diverse portfolio of responsibilities including the planting, inspection and maintenance of over one million City-owned trees, vegetation management of boulevard areas, and the protection and preservation of natural assets through enforcing applicable By-laws and supporting other service area programs. Forestry staff are also responsible for invasive species management, woodland restoration and community engagement, education and awareness.

Park Development

The Park Development Section provides comprehensive services on capital development projects related to parks and open space, streetscapes and community centres. This includes concept development and detailed designs, contract administration and construction of park developments, redevelopments and associated facilities.

Park Development also oversees the asset management program, which prioritizes capital investments, captures amenity lifecycle projections and ensures continued adherence to Public Sector Accounting Board (PSAB) reporting requirements.

Park Planning
Park Planning is made up of planners and landscape architects who work together towards a common goal of providing parkland and recreational facility development in the City of Mississauga. The section consists of three teams: Long-Term Planning, Park Assets, and Parkland Growth.
  • The Long-Term Planning team is involved in strategic planning, recreation facility planning, coordination of public engagement for the planning of parks, coordination and review of City/Regional Official Plans, District policy reviews, all City studies that impact park land and facilities, and the redevelopment of City park facilities on behalf of the Community Services department. The team also coordinates the preparation of Management and Operation Agreements for City park, library, and fire properties.

  • The Park Assets team is responsible for reviewing development applications and agreements that involve: parkland dedication, greenbelt dedication, tree preservation, street tree planting, streetscape requirements, parkland fencing, and park development requirements. The team reviews and coordinates of all planning applications, committee of adjustment applications, and environmental assessments with respect to impact to the park/greenbelt system for the Community Services Department. The team also reviews and coordinates all Realty circulations for the Community Services Department, including acquisitions, surplus declarations, easements, license agreements, consent to enter, encroachments and park access permits.

  • The Parkland Growth team is responsible for a city wide strategy and targeted community strategies that identify and prioritize short-term and long-term properties to acquire for the purposes of increasing parkland and greenbelt in support of Council approved Park Planning strategies, projected population growth, and to ensure all communities meet or exceed target provision levels as per the recommendations in the Future Directions Master Plan for Parks and Forestry. Parkland Growth uses components of the city wide strategy for the purposes of satisfying the requirements of the Planning Act set out in Bill 73.
Parks Operations

Parks Operations is responsible for the ongoing care and maintenance of City’s parkland and open spaces including 2,988 hectares (7,384 acres) of parkland and 327 kilometres of trails. Operations include horticulture maintenance, turf and sports maintenance, garbage and recycling collection, winter snow removal and the City’s outdoor rink program. Parks Operations is also responsible for the perpetual care and maintenance of 10 municipally owned cemeteries, two of which are currently active, and Lakefront Promenade and Credit Village Marinas’ operations.

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