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The Parks & Forestry Customer Service Counter at 950 Burnhamthorpe Rd W is currently closed.

Permit applications, cheques and securities for Parks & Forestry may be dropped off at Mississauga Civic Centre, 300 City Centre Dr, in the box adjacent to the north side of the building along Princess Royal Dr. Please include a Payment Submission Form indicating who it’s from, what it’s for, property address and project name.

Note: The drop box slot is only 8 inches by 1 inch wide and cannot accommodate bulky packages.

Due to the ever-evolving situation surrounding COVID-19, Parks & Forestry response times may be delayed for permit processing, payment processing and deposit releases. We appreciate your understanding.

Site Plan & Development Applications

Whether you are a homeowner, business owner or developer wishing to remove trees from private property, you must comply with the Private Tree Protection By-law.

All site plan and development proposals must comply with the Site Plan Control By-lawPDF Document. Forestry staff will comment and make recommendations regarding the preservation of City trees in association with site plan applications, rezoning applications, land divisions and consent applications.

The inclusion of trees in the initial stage of planning is a vital component that will determine if trees will be preserved or are required to be removed.

Development Applications

The Planning and Building Department will forward development applications to Forestry when trees are situated within the municipal boulevard. Forestry staff will visit the site, inventory the trees and make comments on tree preservation and protection to the Planning and Building Department. These comments will include, but are not limited to: tree inventory, hoarding requirements, securities, arboriculture consultant, utilities, tree removal, tree pruning, tree replacement and tree protection signage.

Tree Hoarding

Protecting trees throughout construction is an integral component of tree preservation. Prior to construction, all trees to be preserved must be protected with hoarding. The hoarding shall consist of 1.2 m orange plastic fencing framed with solid top and bottom rail, or 1.2 m plywood. This hoarding is to be installed at a minimum distance to drip-line or along the edge and parallel to a tree protection zone.

Tree Protection: Hoarding RequirementsPDF Document

Tree Protection Deposit

As a condition of a permit application or site plan approval, deposits are collected to ensure that tree protection and site work complies with the approved plans. Deposits are submitted in the form of cash, certified cheque, bank draft or money order to the Planning and Building Department on behalf of Forestry. Deposits are determined by:

  • Amenity value based on "Guide for Plant Appraisal" and
  • Removal and replacement costs as determined by Forestry (Fees and Charges)

When construction is complete an inspection will be performed to determine the health of the municipal tree(s). If the tree(s) is in good condition or the tree health remains unchanged from initial assessment, the Tree Protection Deposit will be refunded.

Tree Removal and Protection

Where City-owned trees are required to be removed, the applicant is responsible for all costs associated with tree removal, stump removal and replacement tree planting. All costs will be determined by Forestry staff, with a certified cheque being required for a pre-determined amount prior to work commencing.


Tree protection deposits are held for a minimum two (2) years following a hoarding infraction and the applicant will be notified in writing by either Forestry or Planning and Building staff. After the two (2) year period, a follow-up inspection will be performed and the securities will be either returned or a determination regarding tree removal will be discussed. Should the municipal tree be required to be removed, the applicant will be responsible for all tree removal and replacement costs.

Arboricultural Consultant Report (Arborist Report)

The purpose of this report is to determine the composition, character and health of existing trees and assess opportunities for preservation in relation to a proposed development. The arborist may be required to submit a report outlining guidelines for tree preservation. This report must address preservation measures, include an inspection schedule and have appropriate sign-off between the arborist and the applicant.


The location of all above and below ground utilities must be clearly illustrated on all drawings. All efforts must be made to ensure that the installation of utilities does not have a detrimental effect on tree preservation.

Tree Pruning

Forestry staff or a City-retained contractor will perform all required maintenance work on City-owned trees. The applicant will be responsible for these costs unless the tree is dead or in an advanced state of decline. Required work will be determined by Forestry staff.

For more information, call 3-1-1 (or 905-615-4311 if outside City limits).

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