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Planning Reports 2001
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   PDC Date 2001/06/18
Criteria for the Location of Funeral Homes (Undertaking Establishments), Proposed Amendment 113 to the Parkway Belt West Plan - City of Brampton, Mississauga Residential Multiple Unit Directory, Private Schools in Residential Areas

   PDC Date 2001/02/19
Proposed Amendment 147 - Highway 407 Inter-Urban Transitway

   PDC Date 2001/04/11
City Plan Review

   PDC Date 2001/06/11
Foster Homes: A Discussion Paper, Mississauga Office Commercial Directory

   PDC Date 2001/01/22
Proposed Amendment 126 to the Parkway Belt West Plan City of Mississauga, Industrial Sector Study: Warehousing and Distribution, Parkway Belt West Plan Amendment 148 Mississauga Transitway

   PDC Date 2001/04/30
Criteria for the Location of Funeral Homes (Undertaking Establishments), Application to Amend the Zoning By-law and Draft Plan of Subdivision Ashley Woods

   PDC Date 2001/04/17
Mississauga Development Profiles, 2001 Census of Canada, Mississauga Existing Land Use Profile 2000, Mississauga: A City of Many Cultures, Private Schools

   PDC Date 2001/02/05
Mississauga Road Lot Sizes

   PDC Date 2001/09/04
Toronto Plan - A Land Use Strategy for Toronto

   PDC Date 2001/03/05
2000 Employment Profile, OPA - Orlando Corporation - City of Brampton (Churchill Park)

   PDC Date 2001/05/14
Residential and Non-Residential Building Permit Reports

   PDC Date 2001/04/02
Queensway Hydro Corridor - Interim Control By-Law Extension

   PDC Date 2001/01/08
Response to Comments - Parking Space Dimensions, Response to Comments on the City Centre District Policies

   PDC Date 2001/08/07
Labour Force Needs Study: Housing and Other Issues, City of Mississauga - 2001 Interim Growth Forecast, Planning Initiatives in the Town of Oakville

   PDC Date 2001/10/01
Mississauga Brownfields Redevelopment Successes, Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) Five Year Review, Cooksville Creek - Special Policy Area Study, The 2000 Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Residential Land Inventory Survey

   PDC Date 2001/12/03
Private Garages in Residential Developments, Queensway Hydro Corridor - Land Use Study, 2001 Employment Profile, Review of the Payment-in-Lieu of Off-Street Parking Program for Streetsville

   PDC Date 2001/07/03
Proposed Revised Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment (Loblaws Properties Ltd.), Update on Planning Initiatives in Halton Region, Industrial Sector Study: Aerospace Industry

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