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Planning Reports 2003

Planning and Development Committee (PDC) reports are presented to the Planning and Development Committee by the Planning and Building Department, Policy Planning Division. The PDC date indicated below is by year/month/day.

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   PDC Date 2003/02/03
* 2002 Employment Profile * Brampton West Secondary Plan Review - City of Brampton * City of Toronto Official Plan * Bed and Breakfast Establishments * Bed and Breakfast Establishments Recommendation

   PDC Date 2003/02/17
2001 Census Update - Language, Mobility and Migration, Report on Comments - Mississauga Plan, Addendum Report on Comments - Mississauga Plan

   PDC Date 2003/03/17
Status Report - Northwest Brampton Urban Boundary Review, 2001 Census Update - Immigration, Ethnic Origin and Visible Minorities, Land Use Analysis - Ninth Line/Highway 407 Corridor

   PDC Date 2003/03/31
Applications to Amend the Zoning By-law and Draft Plan of Subdivision, 728184 Ontario Limited, Deacon Investments and Michael Jeremy Investments, East of Mavis Road, north of Highway 407, City of Brampton

   PDC Date 2003/04/14
2001 Census Update - Labour Force Activities, Special Policy Area Study for the Cooksville Creek Floodplain

   PDC Date 2003/04/23
Regional Approval of Mississauga Plan

   PDC Date 2003/05/05
Special Policy Area Study for the Cooksville Creek Floodplain, Status Report - City of Brampton Transportation and Transit Master Plan, Central Waterfront Secondary Plan "Making Waves" City of Toronto

   PDC Date 2003/05/14
GTA Task Force on Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) Reform

   PDC Date 2003/05/20
Proposed Heritage Conservation District and Interim Control By-law, Port Credit Heritage Village, 2001 Census Update - Education and Earnings

   PDC Date 2003/05/28
Mississauga Plan Appeals

   PDC Date 2003/08/05
2001 Census Update: Income and Religion, The 2001 Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Residential Land Inventory Survey, Housing Matters, Proposed Official Plan and Zoning By-Law Amendments

   PDC Date 2003/09/15
Status Report - Northwest Brampton Urban Boundary Review

   PDC Date 2003/09/29
Mississauga Development Profile 2003, Proposed Official Plan and By-law Amendments - Cooksville Creek Floodplain Policies

   PDC Date 2003/10/14
Proposed Amendment to the Parkway Belt West Plan Credit Valley Conservation

   PDC Date 2003/11/17
Update on Planning Initiatives in Halton Region

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