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Submission Requirements: Interior Alterations

The following information is required to accompany applications for a Building Permit for interior or exterior alterations to an existing building:  


Each designer discipline is now required to provide information about their registration, qualification, and design responsibility on Schedule 1 to the provincial Application for Permit to Construct or Demolish form, and information about registration and/or qualification should be included on every document supporting a building permit application.


1. Three (3) copies of a metric site plan or survey, showing location of unit/or area to be occupied with site statistics (ie: parking provided and required, floor area of unit, lot area, building area, etc.).


2. Three (3) copies of a key floor plan indicating the location of the unit/suite within the building and:

a) existing use of adjacent spaces

b) exit facilities

c) public corridors (if applicable)


3. Three (3) copies of a fully dimensioned floor plan measured from exterior of outside walls to the mid-point of joint partitions of all rooms and areas, and indicating use of unit and/or area to be occupied and indicating:

a) existing and proposed construction (by a legend or highlighted drawings)        

b) all exits

c) washroom facilities

d) wall and ceiling design

e) statement whether building is sprinklered or not

f) furniture and equipment layout

Note:  Single line floor plan drawings are not acceptable


4. Three (3) copies of heating, mechanical and plumbing drawings and heat loss calculations (if applicable), and four (4) copies of kitchen exhaust drawings (if applicable) designed by a Professional Engineer. 


5. Two (2) copies of a letter to outline in detail the proposed business operation (explaining what you do).  Specify whether or not there will be any wholesale or retail sales; outdoor storage; a list of all combustible storage and quantities (if applicable); and also the names(s) of both tenant and/or agent with business address and phone number.  Total occupant load number of people, employees, patrons, etc.

Building permit fee is in accordance with Schedule "A" and "B" of the building permit fee by-law, with a minimum fee of $200.00.

NOTE:  Mezzanines and additions to buildings will be subject to Development Charges.

If "Change of Use" is determined, a Zoning Certificate may be required.


Zoning Certificate Definition: 

"No person shall change the type of use of any land which is used for industrial, commercial, public or institutional purposes and is in the Planning Area, or change the type of use of any building or structure on the said land without having first applied for and obtained a Certificate of Occupancy from the Zoning Administrator." (Excerpt from By-law 5500, City of Mississauga).