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Erindale Park

Erindale Park is a large greenbelt at1695 Dundas Street West which contains a number of facilities, with three information kiosks located in the park that give a brief history of the community. This area of the Credit River supports runs of Rainbow and Brown Trout, Chinook, Coho and Atlantic Salmon. For the most part, this cold-water fishery is maintained by stockings of hatchery reared fish. The Atlantic Salmon program is directed at re-establishing a self-sustaining Salmon population. The Credit River also supports a warm water fishery of resident smallmouth bass.

In 1902, the land now known as Erindale Parkwas flooded and a dam was built to generate hydro electric power. The dam was subsequently demolished in 1954 and the site was remediated by Ontario Hydro. Following thisremediation, the river bed was straightened, widened and relocated to its present location closer to the north-west valley bank. This provided a large flat area which was used as a sanitary landfill between the years of 1961 and 1965.

Erindale Park is the largest park in the City (222.1 acres or 89.88 hectares) and features 5 picnic facility ares, 5 barbecues, 6 comfort stations, 1 playground equipment area, a lookout on the old dam and a toboggan hill. This park also offers walking trails, fishing, canoeing and spectacular views of the Credit River and tall ravines. The park is inviting to bird watchers, photographers and anyone at all who enjoys getting back to nature.

Another aspect of the park is the David J. Culham Trail, a pathway system through a heavily-forested area that provides spectacular views of the Credit River and trail ravines. The trail is particularly breathtaking in autumn, but has a special brand of peace and beauty that manifests itself throughout the year. This trail is perfect for hikers, joggers, cyclists and cross-country skiers.

There is one wheelchair accessible washroom in the main parking area.

There is parking available for 400 vehicles with 4 accessible parking spots.

Group picnics with more than 25 people require a permit in order to reserve an area on a per day basis.

Picnic area A seats 500 people with1 barbecue

Picnic area B seats 200 people with 1 barbecue and a playground area

Picnic area C seats 25 - 60 people with 1 barbecue

Picnic area D seats 25 - 60 people with 1barbecue

Picnic area E seats 100 people with 1 barbecue

Photo areas 1 and 2 require park permits for wedding photography between Friday and Sunday with a fee and parking is limited to 4 cars per permit.

For more information or to reserve park space please call the Customer Service Centre at: 905-615-4100.