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Planning Reports 2008
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   PDC Date 2008/01/14
2006 Census Results - Marital Status, Households, Families and Housing

   PDC Date 2008/02/04
Community Uses

   PDC Date 2008/03/17
Mississauga Natural Areas System, Report On Commments - Proposed Amendment 62 to Mississauga Plan-Special Site 2 Policies - Mineola District Policies

   PDC Date 2008/03/31
2006 Census Results- Language, Mobility, Migration, Immigration and Citizenship, 2007 Employment Profile

   PDC Date 2008/04/14
2008 Vacant Employment Lands

   PDC Date 2008/04/28
Growing the Greenbelt - Consultation 2008

   PDC Date 2008/05/12
Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe The Built Boundary and the Mississauga Urban Growth Centre

   PDC Date 2008/05/26
2007 Building Permit, 2008 Housing Matters, Supplementary Report on Comments-Visitor Parking Standards for Residential Apartment

   PDC Date 2008/06/09
Upper Hurontario Street Corridor Implementing Zoning - PUBLIC MEETING WARD 5, Mississauga Office Strategy Study

   PDC Date 2008/06/23
Employment Land Review Study - Mississauga Plan Review, Parking Strategy for Mississauga City Centre: Primary Goals and Objectives Report Mississauga Plan Review, Report on Comments - Amendment 63 to Mississauga Plan - Southdown District Policies, Southdown District Policies - Implementing Zoning By-laws - PUBLIC MEETING

   PDC Date 2008/09/29
Report on Comments - Community Uses

   PDC Date 2008/11/03
Natural Areas Survey - 2007 Update, Mississauga Plan Review Project Update and Proposed Framework, Sustainable Living-Growth Management Strategy for Mississauga

   PDC Date 2008/11/17
Lakeview and Port Credit District Policies Review and Public Engagement Process - Directions Report

   PDC Date 2008/12/01
Proposed Zoning By-law Amendments - Definitions of Lodging Hpuse and Lodging Unit - Public Meeting, Mississauga Urban Growth Centre Boundary

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