Consumer Health
Popular Health Questions

Popular Health Questions

The Mississauga Library System has many resources for answering health questions (books, DVDs, electronic resources and websites).  You can also find Library programs for all ages and needs.  If you have any health-related questions about what the Library can do for you, please contact us.

General Health

o Complete Guide to Symptoms, Illness & Surgery. 6th ed.
R 616.024 GRI
A layperson’s guide for diagnosing, understanding and seeking treatment for most medical conditions with three sections covering signs and symptoms, descriptions of medical conditions, and explanations of surgeries and medical procedures.

o Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment 2014.
R 616.075 CUR 2014
A comprehensive professional medical guide to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders which is updated annually based on current research.

o The Merck Manual Home Health Handbook. 3rd ed.
613.0434 MER
A handbook covering common medical conditions and health issues with information provided in easy and accessible terminology for the layperson.

o Professional Guide to Diagnostic Tests.
R 616.0756 PRO
This guide provides information for 600 medical tests including illustrations.


o HealthLinkBC
A Canadian website which provides comprehensive information regarding diseases and disorders, medical tests, medications and healthy living.

o MedlinePlus (U.S. National Library of Medicine)
Provides authoritative health information to consumers on diseases and disorders, drugs, clinical trials and includes a medical dictionary, encyclopedia and interactive patient tutorials.

o Lab Tests Online
Descriptions of lab tests associated with diagnosing and treating various medical conditions.  Test information includes what the test is for, how it is administered and what the results mean.

Drug Information

o Canadian Pharmacists Association Practical Guide to Drugs in Canada: Understanding Prescription and Over-the-Counter Drug Treatments for Everyday Ailments and Diseases
615.1 CAN
A practical and easy to understand guide to prescription and over-the-counter drugs which are available for treating common health conditions.

o Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties
R 615.1171 COM
Used by pharmacists, this is the definitive Canadian source on drug information and includes product monographs.


o MedlinePlus: Drugs, Supplements and Herbal Information
This website provides information on drugs, herbs and dietary supplements including their dosage, side effects and precautions.

o Advisories, Warnings and Recalls (Health Canada)
Posts advisories for health products including drugs, as identified by Health Canada.


o Bowes & Church's Food Values of Portions Commonly Used. 18th ed.
R 613.2 BOW
Lists more than 3,200 common foods organized by food groups with their nutrient, vitamin and mineral content provided.

o The Complete A-Z Nutrition Encyclopedia: a Guide to Natural Health
613.203 BEC
Provides a clear explanation of proper nutrition practices and offers dietary strategies for common health issues.

o Prescription for Nutritional Healing: a Practical A-to-Z Reference to Drug-Free Remedies Using Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs & Food Supplements. 5th ed.
615.854 BAL
This book provides drug-free remedies for preventing and healing common health conditions.


o Canada's Food Guide
Health Canada’s recommendations for the amount and type of foods people should eat for a healthy lifestyle including fruit and vegetables, grain products, milk and meat plus alternatives.

o Dietitians of Canada
Provides nutritional tools, information and tips on healthy eating including recipes. Plus, a directory of dietitians that can be searched geographically.

o Nutrition Labelling (Health Canada)
Explains how to understand the “Nutrition Facts” label posted on food products.

o Weight Loss & Diet Plans (WebMD)
Provides a description and review of the most popular diets for interested consumers.

Electronic Resources

E-Resources: online subscriptions available to Library customers
o Consumer Health Complete: contains health news and articles, drug information and books.
o Teen Health & Wellness: provides teens with health information covering a wide variety of areas including nutrition, fitness, mental health, drugs, alcohol and medical conditions.

For a complete list of electronic resources available from home, go to: