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Title: McKay Property, Port Credit
Identifier: J580
Date of Original Photo: 1980
Date Built: ca 1920
Image Type: Slide
Subject: Historic buildings - Ontario - Mississauga
Location: 5 Oakwood Avenue, Plan F-12, pt Lot 160, 161, 162

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Description: 5 Oakwood Avenue. Plan F-12, pt. Lot 160, 161, 162. The following is from a corporate report dated March 10, 2005, from Community Services, recommending additions to the Heritage Inventory: "This property originally fronted onto Lakeshore Road and orientated towards Lake Ontario. The structure also had a coach house or machine shed located at its rear. According to land registry records the Port Credit Land Company granted the land to Edward McKay in 1919. McKay, who married Eleanor Mildred in 1914, likely built the house shortly after he acquired the land. As was popular at the time, Edward McKay constructed his Bungalow Style house in the Arts and Crafts Tradition. The McKay family lived in this house until 1942, and since then it has exchanged ownership a number of times. It remains a residential property rented out to tenants as a duplex." Listed on the City's Heritage Property Inventory. Description as of May 2019.
Agency: Mississauga Library System