Enforcement on Private Property

Private Property Offences

For Parking Enforcement to enter a private property to enforce infractions such as visitor/tenant parking violations, the property owner must submit a Letter of Authorization to the City's Parking Enforcement office. Letter of Authorization can be submitted by e-mail enforcement.parking@mississauga.ca or fax 905-615-3239.

The Letter of Authorization is a form to be completed by the owner or manager of the property. The form provides information on who is authorized to contact the City to request enforcement on behalf of the property owner or manager. Authorized persons may include property management/staff, residents, commercial tenants, security guards or other individuals. Listed individual(s) must be present at the time of enforcement.

The property must have proper signs outlining the parking regulations in order for our officers to enforce those rules. Examples of signs include visitor parking, tenant parking and customer parking only.

Upon request parking enforcement staff will come to the property and do a sign inspection, detailing what signs need to be installed according to the enforcement needs.

Proactive Enforcement Program

The City of Mississauga allows property owners/managers to authorize officers to enforce parking infractions on a private property. The property owner or manager must sign an agreement that would permit parking enforcement officers to enter the property and conduct proactive enforcement of the parking regulations. This is a free service for both residential and commercial properties. 

To cancel or suspend the proactive enforcement program, the property owner or manager must provide a written request to the Parking Enforcement Office. Temporary suspension requests must include specific dates and times when enforcement may resume.