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Mississauga Zoning By-law (Paper Copy)

The Mississauga Zoning By-law has been printed and is ready for sales and distribution. The Zoning By-law package consists of one 8 ¿"x 11" binder (4" thick, 3 ring binder) (By-law text) and one 11" x 17" (1" thick, 3 ring binder)  (Zoning maps).

The City has entered into an agreement with Orderline, which will be printing, selling, and managing the document update process.

You can order your Zoning By-law directly from

Mississauga Zoning By-law 0225-2007 (Online Version)

The complete Mississauga Zoning By-law is currently available online at This page has been completely redesigned to make it easier to access these documents.

In partnership with Orderline, we have an exciting online version. This web application is interactive and allows you to view the entire By-law at once. It is hoped that this online version will reduce the need to produce costly paper copies. Further, the online version of the Mississauga Zoning By-law will be more accessible and user friendly.

To review a brief presentation of Orderline's Paperless Presentation system, please click here.

Important Note:

It is hoped that the web based document presentation applications for the Zoning By-law and Mississauga Plan will supplant the paper based versions as the preferred method to retrieve and view this information. The online version lowers our costs for reproducing paper copies as well as lessens our environmental "footprint". We encouraged you to review the sample of the future online presentation application before requesting paper based documents.

Document Update Process

The paper based version as well as the online documents are an office consolidation of the Mississauga Zoning By-law 0225-2007, as amended , and prepared for the purpose of convenience only. For accurate reference the original of the individual by-laws should be consulted. Copies of original amending by-laws are available through the Corporate Services Department, Office of the City Clerk.

When amendments are made to the Zoning By-law, these updates will be forwarded to Orderline, where, as a subscriber you will receive a notification email to that effect. You will be directed to Orderline's website where you are able to download a PDF version of the changes and consequently update your book.

It is anticipated that the online version of the Zoning By-law will be updated bi-weekly. You can expect to receive email notification quarterly of updates for your paper copy versions.

If you have questions about the process, please give us a call at 905-615-3200 ext. 3947