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Mississauga Growth Forecasts (2003)

Using the 2001 Census of Canada results and City of Mississauga land supply and development activity data, Hemson Consulting Limited was employed to prepare the growth forecasts for the City to the year 2021. These brochures are presented on a planning district level by population growth, housing growth, employment growth and age structure.

Employment Growth Forecasts
Employment growth by planning district (2003-2021), forecasts on major office employment, population related employment, employment land employment, total employment, employment density, and a map depicting absolute employment growth and employment density.

Housing Growth Forecasts
Housing growth by planning district (2003-2021), housing unit growth by housing type, total housing units, household size by type, housing density, and a map showing absolute housing growth and housing density.

Population Growth Forecasts
Population growth by planning district (2003-2021), change in population, population density, change in population density, and a map depicting population change and population density.

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