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2014 Natural Area System Update

The 2014 Natural Areas System Update Profile provides an overview of the Natural Areas System including a summary of the Natural Areas System classification, Natural Areas trends (1996-2013), and a city wide aerial map of the Natural Areas System. The Profile is available in PDF format.

A new interactive web mapping service for the Natural Areas System is now available. The Natural Areas Web Map ( displays each site in the Natural Areas System by classification type (Natural Areas, Residential Woodlands, Linkages and Special Management Areas). Additional information can be obtained about each site in the Natural Areas System including: site classification; size; condition; and a link to detailed fact sheets on each Site.

Summary statistics that include a list of the Natural Area Sites, Natural Sites by Geographic Area, and  by Watershed are available in . CSV format.

Also available is a KML file that displays each of the Natural Areas and associated details including site size, classification, condition and landform.  The KML file can be loaded into various Mapping/GIS packages (such as Google Earth, ESRI ArcExplorer, etc) for viewing, printing or analysis.

A concerted effort has been made to ensure that the information contained herein is accurate.  However, if an inaccuracy is detected, please advise us at (905) 615-3200 ext. 5556 or or through twitter @MississaugaData.  For more information / data products please visit


2014 Natural Areas System – Profile
2014 Natural Areas System - Summary Statistic(CSV)
2014 Natural Areas System - KML Mapping