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Mississauga Growth Forecasts 2011-2041 Summary Publications

City of Mississauga growth forecasts provides population, housing units and employment forecasts for the period 2011 to 2041. The City of Mississauga undertakes growth forecasts to provide input into planning and managing growth in the City and are specifically used for the Development Charges By-law Review, service and infrastructure planning and input into the Region of Peel’s growth allocation exercise.

Hemson Consulting Ltd. was retained to update Mississauga’s growth forecasts and has produced three summary publications on Population, Housing and Employment.

Mississauga Growth Forecasts 2011-2041 – Housing (PDF)
Mississauga Growth Forecasts 2011-2041 – Population (PDF)
Mississauga Growth Forecasts 2011-2041 – Employment (PDF)


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