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2016 Employment Survey

The City of Mississauga is currently researching businesses within the city to obtain a comprehensive profile of our business community.  This study is conducted by the Policy Planning Division, Planning and Building Department.  Beginning in May, employees from the City of Mississauga will be speaking with businesses in person and will be requesting companies to complete the Business Profiles being left with them.  Some of our companies will be asked to provide this crucial information at a later date via telephone call from a City of Mississauga representative.  The public will be able to recognize city representatives by their City of Mississauga identification.

This data is used to determine if the city's strategic goals of a variety of employment opportunities are being met, forecasting growth for necessary city services, gaining knowledge of our business community and for general planning purposes.  Profile data being collected includes full time & part time employees, nature of business conducted at these premises and company contact information.

The City of Mississauga would like to thank the business community in advance for their co-operation and assistance in this survey.  For further information, please visit websites or contact Irena Rostkowska, Researcher, at 905-615-3200 ext. 5547.

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