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Second Unit Licensing

Under the Second Unit Licensing By-law 204-13, as amended, a valid business licence is required in order to own or operate a Second Unit in the City of Mississauga. This dataset contains a list of the licensed second units. The data fields include: licence number, house, street, unit, postal code, city, licence type and issued date. A second unit licence can be obtained from the City’s Compliance and Licensing Enforcement Office.
Data Currency
The extract on this website is updated weekly.
Data Accuracy
While every effort is made to post only accurate information, the City does not guarantee that the information posted is always current or correct.
Dataset Attributes
Licence Number - This is a 9 character field consisting of a two digit number indicating the year followed by a hyphen and a six digit system-generated number.
House - The number assigned to an address where the business is located.
Unit - Official space identifier for a building. This is an alphanumeric field.
Street - The name of the street where the business is located.
City - Name of the municipality where the business is located.
Postal Code - A series of letters and/or digits that is attached to the address of a business.
Licence Type - Description of the business activity.
Issued Date - The date when the business licence is issued and printed. This field is in YYYY/MM/DD
Websites for Further Information:
Compliance and Licensing Enforcement