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Existing Land Use (2009)

The City conducts an annual update of existing land use. The data presented were compiled from a combination of building permit issuances, City Plan designations, zoning, development applications, aerial photos and site checks. Existing land use codes have been applied based on the principle land use activity occurring on the site.

The data is available and summarized in the following formats

                    Mississauga existing land use profile 2009 (.pdf)

                    Mississauga existing land use maps 2009 (.pdf)

                    Mississauga existing land use layer (.shp) *

                   * Note - the data has been projected in UTM NAD 83 Zone 17 format

Correction (July 20, 2010)

The City Centre planning district total area was recorded incorrectly in the brochure titled, "Mississauga Existing Land Use Profile 2009 (July 2010)". The total area is 235 ha or 580 acres. The relating existing land use table is correct as the percentages were being calculated from the correct area. This has been corrected and reposted.

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