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Congratulations to Malton Pool staff!

On December 16, 2003 at Fire Sation 105 in Malton, Deputy Chief John McDougall
presented the Life guarding team of Lisa Limarzi, Juan Aburto, Jacquline Thorpe,
Judith Shim and Irwin Hutchinson with the Fire Chief's Certificate of Recognition for rescuing Ryan Fraser from the bottom of the pool.

On June 26, 2003 at the Malton Community Centre pool these lifeguards noticed Ryan in trouble at the bottom of the pool, he was having a Grande-mal seizure. The team quickly initiated emergency procedures and Ryan was removed from the water by Irwin Hutchinson and placed in a recovery position beside the pool. Ryan was still in seizure but breathing, the lifeguards monitored Ryan until the arrival of Pumper Truck 105. Recognizing their exemplary efforts John Burdock the Captain of Pumper 105 nominated the team for this award.

Pictured are;
1st row: Lifeguard Jacquline Thorpe, Pool Supervisor Judith Shim, Lifeguard Irwin Hutchinson and Ryan Fraser
Back row: Deputy Chief John McDougall, Lifeguard Lisa Limarzi and Lifeguard Juan Aburto.

Congratulations on a fantastic job!