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Fire Chief's Certificate of Recognition

Ms. Ellen Griffith, on April 3 2004, you heard a smoke alarm sounding on your apartment floor.  Upon investigating, you detected a smell of smoke indicate a possible fire situation in your building. Your quick actions to activate the building alarm system, followed by calling 911, undoubtedly saved precious moments for firefighters to arrive and extinguish the kitchen fire.  You reacted safely and unselfishly, allowing all unit occupants to exit the building. Your actions set an example for fire safety awareness in your community.
Congratulations for your life saving actions.

Pictured in the enlarged photo from left to right are: Acting Captain Robert Graziano, Ellen Griffith with her dog, Bill Lee and Owen Woods.  Gramam Holt a member of Pumper 103's crew who attended the fire call was not present the day Ellen received her award.