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Nice Work Jarod!

On October 8, 2005, Pumper 112 D shift received a vital signs absent medical emergency call at 723 Central Parkway Road West.(Rooster and Firkin Pub)

Upon arrival the crew found the 64 year old patient in the recovery position under the care of bartender, 21 year old Jarod Ellis. During the investigation, Acting Captain Greg Magri learned that the patient had choked on a french fry during her dinner and help was requested by her husband. Jarod, having been trained in CPR and choking procedures by the Red Cross, he immediately jumped into action and provided a life saving Heimlich manouveour on the restaurant patron. As the patient went unconscious, Jarod assisted her to the ground and continued with chest compressions until the french fry was expelled. Mouth to mouth resuscitation was performed until the patient was breathing on her own. It is Jarod's training and quick recognition of a medical emergency that saved the woman's life.

Jarod received the Fire Chief's Certificate of Recognition for being such a major component of the chain of survival and he acts as an example to all of us to follow. A presentation of this award was made in front of his family, Pumper 112's crew and the management and staff of the Rooster and Firkin. Congratulations to Jarod Ellis.