Rail Safety

railroad crossing

Rail Safety

The City of Mississauga works with Transport Canada and railway authorities to ensure resident safety around railway crossings in Mississauga. Crossing safety is a shared responsibility between cyclists, pedestrians, motorists, stakeholders and the railway.

Transport Canada through the Railway Safety Act has introduced new Grade Crossing Regulations and Standards to:

  • Improve crossing safety
  • Provide consistent safety standards for new and existing public and private grade crossings
  • Clarify and define the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved with improving the safety of public and private grade crossings
  • Promote collaboration between Railways and Road Authorities
  • Implement results-based regulations for a consistent level of safety for all classes of crossings

The City of Mississauga is working with the railway authorities and Transport Canada to ensure that these safety standards are met.

For more information on safety around rail crossings visit: