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The Readers to Writers Network

The Readers to Writers Network

Are you an aspiring writer or a reader interested in assisting new writers?  The Library’s Readers to Writers Network is here to help!

The goal of the Network is to help support and nurture writers by providing a venue whereby writers have the opportunity to interact with readers by sharing short drafts of their work and receiving feedback from readers.

Reader feedback is through a feedback template and both reader and writer remain anonymous to each other.   Feedback is returned to writers within 1 to 2 months.

Drafts may be up to 2 pages in length and include either fiction or nonfiction (including poetry, drama, and children’s stories).

Writers receive a Writers’ Package and may drop off their draft at the Readers’ Den Department of Central Library or forward it to Readers Den through their local library.

To receive either a Writers’ or Readers’ Guidelines Package or for more information please visit or call the Readers Den Department (Central Library) 905-615-3200 ext 3544 or e-mail