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Homebound Services

Homebound Service is available for Mississauga residents who are homebound for three months or longer due to age, illness or disability.

How it works

Customers receive a monthly delivery, free of charge, of items (including regular print hardcovers and paperbacks, large print books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, audiobooks, and DAISY talking books).

How to apply

Homebound Service staff will verify your eligibility, tell you which day of the month your deliveries will come, and ask you about your reading interests and needs so that each month we can send you items that you will enjoy.

Book Deposit Service

Small collections of large print books are delivered to seniors' apartments, hospitals and other institutions for residents to enjoy. On-site service is provided by the institutional staff, residents and/or volunteers, not by library staff. The collections are changed based on the local needs of the individual sites.

Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA)

The Mississauga Library also offers access to the Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA) collection for people who have difficulty reading print due to a visual, physical or learning disability. With over 500,000 items in accessible formats, the CELA collection represents Canada's largest collection of alternative format books and online resources. The collection is in both English and French and includes:

  • Books and magazines in audio, DAISY discs, DAISY digital, eText and braille
  • More than 50 community, national and international newspapers
  • Children's picture books with added Braille
  • Canadian content and other resources for all ages and interests.

Eligibility Guidelines

Access to the CELA collection is available only to people with perceptual disabilities as defined under the provisions of the Copyright Modernization Act, which includes:

  • Learning disability: an impairment relating to comprehension
  • Physical disability: the inability to hold or manipulate a book
  • Visual disability: severe or total impairment of sight or the inability to focus or move one's eyes.

How to Register and Use the Collection

Eligible Mississauga Library users with a valid library card can register for this service by contacting Homebound Service. If you do not already have a library card, staff will get you registered as part of the CELA registration process.

Access to the collection is offered in a number of ways:

  • Read newspapers online and download books and magazines to your computer or mobile device, such as an iPhone
  • Download books and magazines directly to a DAISY player over a wireless connection without using a computer
  • Receive audio CDs or Braille through your local branch or by mail directly to your home.
  • Visit the CELA website for more information about the collection.

Volunteer Drivers

Volunteer drivers are needed to pick up and deliver library material to its Homebound customers.


Homebound Services
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