Reserve a Computer
Reserve a Library Computer
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How-to Reserve a Computer

  1. Access the Reserve A Computer web page from one of the catalogue computers at the Library or from any Internet computer.

  2. Type the 14 digit barcode from your Library card and the last 4 digits of your phone number (PIN) or the PIN associated with your library account, in the spaces provided. Then click Submit.  Note: You can also purchase a Temporary Barcode number and PIN.

  3. Select the branch where you want to reserve a computer from the dropdown list or click the branch name on the map.

  4. Click on the "Search by Computer Type" or "Search by Specific Computer" link.

  5. Select the Computer Type or Computer Name from the dropdown list.

  6. Select the date that you wish to reserve the computer. Computers can be reserved up to 2 days in advance.

  7. To reserve a full session choose "Select Time from Schedule". Otherwise choose "Reserve the Next Available Machine".

  8. Choose "Click Here to Reserve" next to the time that you wish to reserve.

  9. Confirmation of your reservation will come up on the screen. Write down the details of your reservation or print them using the "Print Confirmation" link.

  10. In the Library, find the computer that you reserved and log-in with your Library barcode and PIN. You must login within 10 minutes on any 30 or 60 minute computer of your reservation time or the reservation will be cancelled. Note: you have 5 minutes to log in to any 15 minute computer.

How-to Make Another Reservation
Customers are limited to 3 computer type reservations. Each computer type, e.g. 15 minute, 30 minute, 60 minute, can be reserved once per day.  Note: not all library locations have each of the computer types listed above.

To make another reservation use the "Back to Search Results", "Select a Different Branch", or "Select a Different Search Option" links.

How-to Review or Cancel a Reservation
Reservations can be viewed or cancelled at any time by clicking on the "My Bookings" link at the top of the screen.

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