Reserve a Computer
Reserve a Library Computer
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How-to Login without a Reservation

  1. Locate a public computer with a green status of "Available".

  2. Type the 14 digit barcode number located on the back of your Mississauga Library card in the space provided. (If you do not have a Library card or have forgotten your card, a fee will be charged to issue you a temporary barcode number and PIN which will be required to log on to a Library computer.)

  3. Type your PIN in the space provided (this is typically the last 4 digits of your phone number). 

  4. Click on the Login button.

  5. A message will appear indicating how much time is left in the current session. Click "Yes" to accept this time and login. If you need more time, click "No" and go to one of the catalogue computers to reserve a full session.

  6. After logging in you will be asked to accept a Usage Agreement. Read the agreement and click "Agree" or "Disagree". If you do not accept the Usage Agreement you will not be able to use the computer.

  7. A list of programs will appear in the main window. Select the program that you want to use from the list and click on the "Start" button. You can also use a program by double-clicking on the desktop icons.

  8. To protect your session when picking up print jobs, etc. click on the "Take a Break" button. "Take a Break" will not allow other customers to see your work. You must return to the computer within the time indicated in the "Take a Break" message and enter your PIN in the designated space.  Note: this option is not available when the computer is in session extension.

  9. If you do not touch the keyboard or mouse, a "no activity" message will appear after 3 minutes.  If you do not acknowledge the message, the computer will log off and reboot 2 minutes later.

  10. Click on the "Logout" button when you are finished using the computer.

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