Status and Resubmissions
Building Permit
Status and Resubmissions

At the time of application, you will receive an APPLICATION ACCESS REPORT. This report contains information that will allow you to view your application status online.

Once you have reviewed the comments made by various Plans Examiners, all outstanding issues will need to be addressed before your building permit can be issued.

You can be notified via e-mail of changes/updates to your application by registering and utilizing MY APPLICATIONS to bookmark your application. IMPORTANT NOTE: if your application was submitted as a "Complete Submission", the application status information will only become available at the end of the prescribed legislative review time.

If your application was submitted as an "Incomplete Submission", the application status information will become available immediately upon review by the various Plans Examiners.

All conditions placed on your application are subject to change until your application has been reviewed by all Plans Examination sections and the Application Status has changed from "P"(In Process) to "WHD"(Withheld) or "APP"(Approved).

Questions about Conditions on the Application Status Report

You may have questions about conditions/comments placed on your application by a specific Plans Examiner and you may need to seek clarification. Your Application Status Report will contain contact information for each Plans Examiner.

If you wish to meet with a Plans Examiner, you may request a meeting by contacting the individual Plans Examiner. If you need clarification regarding technical aspects of your application such as Ontario Building Code interpretation, or with regards to an architectural or engineering related condition, you should have your design professional contact the Plans Examiner.

Resubmission Process

The outstanding conditions on your application are addressed through a resubmission. The resubmission of drawings or correspondence must be done in person at the Planning and Building Customer Services Counter, during normal business hours, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday. (E-mailed PDF drawings are not acceptable at this time).

Each resubmission shall be accompanied with a resubmission covering letter. This covering letter must indicate each outstanding Application Status Report comment and the information/changes submitted to address it.

You will need to submit two (2) sets of any revised drawings addressing outstanding conditions to the Planning and Building Department, Customer Service Counter. A third set of drawings will be required if the scope of your application includes a Fire Plan review (see below). All resubmissions will be reviewed by staff and may not be accepted if the resubmission is deemed incomplete. A complete resubmission which addresses ALL outstanding Plans Examination conditions is the best way to aid in getting your permit issued. Note: multiple sets of the same drawings for each Plan Examiner will not be accepted as all Plan Examiners must review the same set of drawings and/or correspondence.

Fire Prevention - If your application includes components for such items as sprinklers, fire alarm, hazardous processes, your application will be forwarded to Fire Prevention for review.


Where changes to the material, design or the scope of work indicated in the original building, permit application are proposed, a revision application shall be submitted to the Chief Building Official for approval prior to any work described in the material change can be commenced.

Application Revisions

  • Resubmission of information to address outstanding conditions on your application is not considered as a revision.
  • Changes to the scope of work indicated in the original building permit application may be subject to the recalculation of building permit fees and/or an additional hourly review fee.
  • A covering letter summarizing and itemizing all the changes shall accompany the revision drawings and/or documents.
NOTE: The Building Division reserves the right to refuse revisions, and may request that a new building permit application be submitted in cases where the revisions are deemed to be significant.

Issued Permit Revisions

  • Once your application has been approved and a Building Permit Notice is issued, prior to making any minor changes to the original design, you should consult with the Inspectors prior to submitting a revision application. The Inspectors may be able to facilitate a 'Field Revision', which is a revision to the approved plans in the field.
  • If the Inspector requested that you to make a formal revision application to your original building permit, a covering letter will be required to summarize and itemize all changes. Revised drawings and/or documents clearly indicating the changes will also be required.
Revision Fees: The fees associated with a revision application are based on plan examination and inspection review time. The rate is a $110.00/hr. at regular time and the overtime rate is $160.00/hr., as per the Building By-law 60-2012.
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