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Road Safety Mississauga

The mandate of Road Safety Mississauga is to review safe driving issues and make recommendations on ways to address aggressive driving and other unsafe driving and pedestrian behaviours. The committee is comprised of citizen members, Councillors and representatives from a wide cross-section of transportation, enforcement and safety agencies.

Community Safety Zones
Community Safety Zones were established on several major roads to identify areas where there is a distinct need to reduce aggressive driving behaviour. Motorists caught breaking the law in these areas are faced with paying double the normal fine. Presently, the majority of these zones are located on major roadways where there is a high incidence of serious collisions.

Road Watch
Road Watch is a community based program whereby residents can report instances of aggressive driving to Peel Regional Police. This program works especially well when dealing with offending motorists who reside in the neighbourhood. A reported incident can eventually lead to a visit from a police officer and in some cases, the driver being charged.

Neighbourhood Speed Watch
The Neighbourhood Speed Watch (NSW) program entails residents setting up a radar message board and recording the licence plate numbers of motorists who are showing a disregard for the posted speed limit. The licence plate numbers are then forwarded to the Transportation and Works Department and Peel Regional Police for possible follow-up with the registered owner of the offending vehicle.

"Drive Slowly? Think of Me"
This is an awareness program aimed at motorists entering residential areas to remind them that they are entering an area where there are children and the speed they were travelling at on the highway or arterial road network is no longer appropriate for the area. The main component of the program is a distinctive sign with a child riding a bicycle.

Traffic Calming - Churchill Meadows
As part of the development, physical traffic calming measures are being constructed which require motorists to reduce their speed to navigate through the pinch points, traffic circles and speed humps.

Major Roads Speed Limit Review
Aggressive driving and speeding can be caused by inappropriate speed limits on the arterial roadways. This leads to conflict between the motorists driving at the posted speed limit and the motorists that are driving at a more reasonable speed based on the roadway design and construction. To reduce the speed differential between these motorists (which is a major cause of collisions) the Transportation and Works Department has been reviewing speed limits on the arterial roadway network and making recommendations to change the speed limit (increase or decrease) where necessary. To date, several roadways have been reviewed and changes have been or are being made on: Eastgate Parkway, Argentia Road, Kennedy Road, Courtneypark Drive and McLaughlin Road.

Road Safety Show
This is an annual event hosted by the Safe Driving Committee to highlight the programs that are coordinated through the Committee and the other programs available in Mississauga. Organizations represented at the 2004 Road Safety Show included:

  • Peel Regional Police - Police Car, Motorcycle, Mobile Breathalyzer Truck
  • OPP Port Credit - Police Car, Motorcycle, VW Safety Bug
  • Mississauga Fire & Emergency Services - Aerial Truck, Rescue Truck and 2 vehicle extrication demonstrations
  • Safe Driving Committee - Road Watch, Neighbourhood Speed Watch
  • Peel Health Unit - Vehicle child restraints
  • Young Drivers of Canada
  • Traffic Safety Council - School site issues, student bussing, crossing guards, Kiss n Ride, Walk to School Day
  • Ontario School Bus Association
  • Canadians for Safe & Sober Driving
  • Mothers Against Drunk Driving
  • Ontario Community Council on Impaired Driving
  • Mississauga Cycling Advisory Committee
  • Mississauga Animal Services

Red Light Cameras
The Province has recently announced that the Red Light Camera pilot program will be made permanent, and that Ontario municipalities will be eligible to participate. There are currently three signalized locations with red light cameras in Mississauga (Regional intersections). The City will be considering expanding the program to include some City signalized intersections.

Photo Radar
The City has endorsed the use of photo radar on City roadways and is hoping that the Province permits the use of the technology on municipal roadways.