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Barbertown Bridge, Streetsville
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Title: Barbertown Bridge, Streetsville
Identifier: L456
Date of Original Photo: 1980
Date Built: 1898
Image Type: Slide
Subject: Bridges - Ontario - Streetsville (Mississauga)
Location: Barbertown Road, pt. Lot 1 E 1/2, Conc 4 WHS

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Description: Barbertown Road. Conc 4 WHS, pt. Lot 1 Eż. This is a simple flat bridge consisting of wide ten foot planks laid vertically, while ten steel beams, five per side, now support the bridge with cross bars forming the arcade of beams overhead. The wooden posts originally supporting the structure and some of the railing posts are aligned with the new steel beams. The wooden planks have large square headed nails to fasten them, while the planks themselves are approximately four inches thick and twelve inches wide. The foundations on the banks are approximately six feet deep and are visible for about twelve feet inshore. They are of cut stone and rubble (probably taken from the river bed). They have been shored in some places with cement. The bridge has been sectioned off with chain link fencing to restrict traffic to pedestrians only, for which it seems quite stable. The bridge is listed on the Heritage Register. Description as of January 2011.
Agency: Mississauga Library System