School Safety Patroller
There are two types of patrollers - bus and foot.

The School Safety Patroller Program is sponsored by the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA).

There are two types of patrollers - bus and foot.

Foot patrollers prevent students from stepping into the street when it is unsafe. They also help educate children on how to cross roads safely by reinforcing rules like looking all ways before crossing the street. Foot patrollers are not trained or used as crossing guards who enter the roadway to stop traffic. Instead, they conduct their duties at an assigned post several steps back from the edge of the roadway. They do not stop or direct traffic and are best suited for streets with frequent gaps - four or more gaps in a five minute period - in traffic and speed limits of up to 50 km/hr.

Bus patrollers help children to get on and off school buses safely. Under the direction of the bus driver, they control the flow of students into the street while boarding and leaving the bus. Bus patrollers also play an important role to ensure children are not in the area around the bus before the driver pulls away from the curb. Bus patrollers are also instructed on emergency procedures.

The Peel Regional Police, through the Peel Children's Safety Village, provides a training program for bus patrollers. The decision to install a School Safety Patroller is between the School Principal and the Peel Regional Police.

For More Information

For more information, please contact:
Peel Children's Safety Village
c/o Peel Regional Police
905-453-2121 ext. 4071


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