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Winter Snow and Ice Control
Winter Snow and Ice Control

Snow melt - when it's contaminated with high concentrations of rock salt (sodium chloride) or other chemicals - can harm our water quality, soils, wildlife and aquatic life when it enters our local watercourses through storm sewers.

You can help reduce the environmental impact of these contaminants by:

  • Applying only the amount of rock salt or chemical required, and let the chemical work before applying more. Excessive quantities of chemical de-icer can actually be less effective than the required amount. Consult the directions on the package or contact the manufacturer for the correct application amount.
  • Ensuring - before winter - that downspouts from eaves troughs direct water away from driveways and walkways. Diverting melt water away from walkways and driveways is one of the best ways to prevent wintertime accidents. Pile snow where it won't drain across a driveway or walkway.
  • Plowing or shovelling more frequently when it's snowing. Get down to the pavement before the chemical application. Shovelling smaller quantities is less strenuous and chemical agents work best when they are not diluted with lots of snow and ice. 
  • Using less toxic materials. Some new products on the market today can be less damaging to your property and to the environment.


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