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Seniors Centre Activities
Activities, Events and Day Trips

The Seniors Centre offers various activities to stay active in body, soul and mind.
Bullet Activities offered at the Mississauga Senior's Centre


Bullet Events offered at the Mississauga Senior's Centre

Day Trips

Bullet Day trips offered at the Mississauga Senior's Centre

Cawthra Seniors Golf Club

The Cawthra Seniors Golf Club is a thriving group of men and women who love to play golf! We are always looking for new members to join us during our season that runs from May to October. The fee to join is $40. This fee includes the weekly scheduling of tee-times at a variety of golf courses as well as an end of season banquet at BraeBen Golf Course. Please visit our website at cawthraseniorsgolf.com for contact information, a registration form and schedules for the 2018 season.

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The benefits of being active include weight control, feeling more energetic, relaxation and reduced stress, meeting new people, continued independent living in later life.