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Seniors Centre Registered Programs
Registered Programs and Information Sessions

Registered Programs
The Mississauga Senior's Centre offers a number of registered programs from Computers and Fitness to Dance and Cooking. Click here for a complete list of registered programs. Register online at connect2rec.ca, in-person at the Centre or on the phone by calling 905 615-4810.

No Workshops available at this time.

Information Sessions

No Information Sessions at the Mississauga Senior's Centre at this time.

Workshops and Information Sessions/Presentations are arranged by staff of the Mississauga Seniors' Centre. Space is limited. Please sign up in advance. First come, first served. For more information, please call 905-615-4810

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Get Active
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The benefits of being active include weight control, feeling more energetic, relaxation and reduced stress, meeting new people, continued independent living in later life.