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Nuisance Signs & You

Nuisance Signs
Mississauga is one of Canada's fastest growing cities. Every year more commercial and retail businesses place signs on buildings, roadways, storefronts and sidewalks to advertise their location, products and services.

This tremendous growth has resulted in the proliferation of illegal signs throughout the city. These illegal signs clutter the city with visual pollution and also create a traffic safety hazard.

City Council enacted the Public Nuisance By-law 0222-2008, to declare signs and advertising devices illegally placed on city road allowances as matters of public nuisances. According to this By-law, residents can be delegated the power to remove illegal nuisance signs within the City upon entering into an appropriate agreement with the City.
The Nuisance Sign Removal Program
The by-law gives residents the power to remove nuisance signs from city streets if they sign an agreement with the City.
If you are an adult resident of Mississauga and you are interested in removing nuisance signs from your community, you can register with the Nuisance Sign Removal Program.
What is a Nuisance Sign?
The program gives eligible residents the ability to remove nuisance signs that are:
  • no more than one square metre or 10 square feet in size placed on a boulevard next to the street;
  • a placed on traffic signal poles and traffic poles, but NOT on the face of the traffic signs; or
  • placed on street lighting poles and utility poles.
Signs Not to be Removed
The following signs are not to be removed pursuant to the City Public Nuisance By-law 0222-2008, even if they are found on the public road allowances:
  • election signs, new home development signs, open house signs, real estate signs, sidewalk signs, signs on poster sleeves and any signs placed on a bus shelter; or
  • garage sales that will be taking place or have taken place within one day of the sign being found (unless the sign is found on a street lighting pole, a traffic signal pole, a traffic signage pole or a utility pole, and not on a poster sleeve); or
  • a sign that is found on the centre median of a road or a traffic island; or
  • any sign found on private property.
How to Participate in the Nuisance Sign Removal Program
  • carefully read the Nuisance Sign Removal Agreement;
  • print and sign two copies of the agreement; and
  • bring or mail both copies to the City's Sign Unit, located at City Hall, 300 City Centre Drive, Planning and Building Customer Service Centre, 3rd Floor.
Removing Nuisance Signs
When in doubt, do not remove the sign. Call 3-1-1 before you act. The City can help remove nuisance signs if you are unable to do so.
Putting Your Safety First
When removing nuisance signs under the Public Nuisance By-law:
  • be careful when handling signs on poles, as they may have sharp staples;
  • never approach work areas or construction zones;
  • always follow traffic laws and parking regulations when removing nuisance signs; and
  • never remove a sign when confronted by an angry citizen or sign owner.
Remember, the key is to remove nuisance signs legally and safely. Always be cautious and careful.
For More Information
If you would like more information on the Public Nuisance By-law or the Nuisance Sign Removal Program, please call 3-1-1.