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Speed Bumps & Speed Humps

The City of Mississauga Property Standards By-law 654-98, as amended, now requires traffic calming measures such as speed bumps and speed humps be distinctively marked so that they are clearly visible to approaching pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Speed bumps and speed humps are a design technique used to control vehicular traffic speeds along roadways, driveways, parking lots or parking garages. They usually consist of raised pavement across or partly across the roadway or driveway. Other forms of speed bumps may also consist of concrete or rubber.

Speed bumps and speed humps are commonly found in parking lots, laneways and garage areas for commercial and industrial buildings, multi-residential complexes such as townhouses and apartment buildings, and plazas.

Due to the raised elevation of the bump, it can create a safety concern for pedestrians or persons on bicycles if it is not clearly visible, particularly during evening hours.

By requiring that they are clearly marked, the speed bumps and speed humps will be more effective in performing their intended purpose, which is to reduce the speed of vehicles, by allowing the driver to see it sooner. There are also other positive effects in that pedestrians and persons on bicycles will be able to see them and it may even result in less damage to vehicles which can be caused by going over the bumps at higher than normal speeds.

The speed bumps and speed humps can be distinctively marked by way of a reflective paint, usually yellow in colour, or reflective strips of tape or any other means that would render it clearly visible to approaching pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
Owners of property who are required to comply with this By-law will be given notice from By-law Enforcement staff to make the bumps or humps clearly visible. Anyone who does not comply with this By-law may be subject to legal action.

This information is for convenience and quick reference only. For specific information or to register a complaint contact the Compliance and Licensing Enforcement Section by dialling 3-1-1 (Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. 7:00 p.m.). If calling outside City limits, please dial 905-615-4311. For an emergency after hours from 7:00 p.m. 7:00 a.m. and weekends and holidays, please dial 905 615-3000.