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The Peel Water Story: A Water Curriculum Resource for Peel Schools

Which was the first community in Peel to build a water distribution system? How was water important to Canada's war effort during WWII? Why is it important to teach about water in a locally-focused way?

Read the The Peel Water Story and find out! Peel teachers now have access to this new water education resource. The book is available in every branch of the Mississauga Library System; as well as every school library in Peel.

The Peel Water Story is a multi-media resource consisting of a book, a CD-ROM, and an interactive website. Cross-curricular by design, teachers in all grades, Kindergarten through Grade 12, will find materials that support their program.

Included in this resource are:

  1. A book with a (curriculum linked) narrative history of natural and human water systems in Peel
  2. An online GIS mapping tool that allows you to map your school and community's water systems
  3. Downloadable water activities that are curriculum referenced
  4. Case studies of Peel schools' environmental action projects that improve watershed health
  5. A guide to starting school environmental action projects
  6. A list of water education resources, including field trips and school presentations

Read the book. Visit the website and sign up for free teacher workshops now.

Learn about the history of your community, and your water supply.

The Peel Water Story is published by the Region of Peel's Department of Public Works, which provides municipal water and wastewater services for the more than one million residents in Peel. Other contributing partners include: Credit Valley Conservation Authority, Learning for a Sustainable Future, Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation, Peel Heritage Complex, Streetsville Historical Society, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, Woodland Cultural Centre.