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Proposed street names within the City of Mississauga are reviewed by the Region of Peel Street Names Committee prior to final approval.  Names for new streets may be proposed by developers of subdivisions or by interested citizens.  The suggested names are received and reviewed by Transportation and Works Department staff.  Names which are known to conflict with existing street names are identified and rejected immediately.  All other names are referred to the Region of Peel Street Names Committee for review and approval. The Street Names Committee involves members of the emergency services to ensure that proposed similar sounding street names are identified to minimize potential confusion in dispatching emergency services.

Names Honouring Individuals
A proposed street name which can be identified with a specific individual (ie. both surname and given name are included in the street name) is subject to the following criteria:
- The proposed name must be reviewed by the Region of Peel Street Names Committee.  The committee's recommendation will be considered, prior to approval of the name.
- With the exception of names of national or international public figures, the proposed name cannot be approved for use without the consent of the individual. If the individual is deceased, the consent of his or her family is required.
- A written description of the individual's contribution to Mississauga, explaining why the honour should be given, must be provided to Transportation and Works staff.
- No street may be named after an elected official, unless the official has retired from public service

The City of Mississauga permits the use of street names which represent specific themes, to provide continuity within subdivisions.
Often, more names than are required are submitted and approved for use. Approved names which are not used are listed in a street name bank for future use. The names listed in the name bank are available to any interested party.

Street Name Changes
Changes to existing street names may be initiated by members of the public.  However, Council will consider changing the street name only if certain conditions are met:
- The initiating resident must present a petition signed by at least 75% of the residents fronting the street
- A certified cheque in the amount of $1,550 (plus all applicable taxes) must be attached to the petition to cover the City's cost in changing the name (advertising the name change, notifying all emergency services agencies and "double signing" the street).  Costs incurred by residents (changing postal address etc.) are the responsibility of each resident.
*Fee is subject to regular review and amendment by Council.
- A list of suggested street name submissions must be presented
Once these conditions have been met and the above items have been presented to the Office of the City Clerk, the submissions will then be reviewed by the Region of Peel's Street Names Committee.  Issues such as name duplication and ease of pronunciation will be reviewed.  Once approved, the name change will go before Council where it will undergo final approval.
The City of Mississauga may deem it necessary to change a street name to eliminate conflicts between Mississauga streets and the streets of another municipality either within the Region of Peel or bordering on Mississauga.

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