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Urban Design Poster Competition 2010

 The Winner of the 2010 Mississauga Urban Design Poster Competition:
                                                               Ningxin Zhu
The design is an urban flower pot.  Many people use plants to enhance their living environment at home; it is not only aesthetically pleasing, the greenery also promotes a cleaner and healthier living.  The urban flower pot hints that we should do the same to our city, because the city is our home in a greater sense.  We interact with it every single day by walking down streets, visiting attractions, running businesses, shopping in stores, enjoying trails, taking public transit and socializing in public spaces, etc.  Our responsibility is to make the city a better place for not only ourselves, but more importantly, our future generation; and to make it a place where people choose to be.
Name of Artist: Ningxin Zhu
Academic Institution: University of Waterloo

Noteworthy Entries to the Mississauga Urban Design Poster Competition 2010


Mississauga is considered one of the fastest growing cities in Canada.  Centrally located in Canada, Mississauga is west of Toronto and currently holds the Toronto International Airport. Thus, the city is an integral part of the Canadian experience by offering one of the country's first impressions to foreigners. Therefore, the role of a greener urban design for the City of Mississauga is important.
The map of Mississauga, overlaid with its major routes and highways, represents the vines of the Maple Leaf.The network represents the connectedness of Mississauga to the rest of Canada.  To create a greener urban design for the future of Mississauga, the individual must design and consider integration of aesthetics and function on all scales.  By "greening" the city as a whole with the clusters of neighbourhoods, the way is paved for the generation of ideas by members of the community, who bring their own expertise for a greener urban design.
I got my inspiration mainly from reading the goals of Our Future Mississauga.  The idea that the city co-exists with the nature eco-system initiates the design scheme.  The city is growing on tree branches, growing in a green environment, reflects this idea and the principle of green urban design.  Simple elements of wind turbine, photovoltaic panels, bicycles instead of cars, more green space between buildings, and relieved residential areas also strengthen the theme.  All of these would take place only from the help of everyone, represented through the child watering this tree of the green urban city.
The special quality of this poster is the simplicity and composition of the elements on the branches which are easy to understand. Moreover, parts of the buildings silhouette are actually taken from the city skyline.  A child is chosen to be the one watering the city because they stand for the future.
Artist Mandy Wong Artist Pavika Chintraruck
Academic Institution University of Toronto Academic Institution University of Waterloo


Mississauga is constantly growing and expanding in various aspects.  Expansion and transformation are essential in creating a forwarding city.  However, it is important to consider and employ green strategies in the designing, developmental, and other stages of the city's transformation.  Along with the support of smaller unique communities within the region collectively, the identity of Mississauga can be created with a sustainable edge.
The design intention was to illustrate Mississauga as a fertile tree in growth, a symbol for a green sustainable city.
The green city would start off with a solid urban design proposal and good planning for city development which would be its roots at the base (of the tree). Transport routes, growing as tree branches, represented the expansion of the city over time.  Red and orange fruits symbolize the interest points and collective communities maturing under the city tree.
With a good urban design solution, Mississauga will transform and prospect into a mature attractive city with exciting architecture over its plot and an effective yet friendly downtown.  It will also become a green gateway for residents and visitors to leave and enter the Greater Toronto Area.
The poster emphasizes the single most important criteria of green urban design - increased density.  Although green technologies and buildings play a critical part of retro fitting Mississauga for the future; it is the walkable city, the dense city which will ultimately determine its "green" success.  
The poster illustrates this concept through the literal conversion of wide lane roads and thoroughfares to a tightly knit urban fabric: a strategy that will invariably create closer communities and initiate a sustainable urbanism. 
Artist Amy Poon Artist Martin Yeung
Academic Institution University of Waterloo Academic Institution Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design


What is the appropriate relationship between urban development and conservation of natural environments? Can development in fact be equated with a reduction of our impact on the environment and contribute to a reversal of climate change?  
As Mississauga transforms from a suburban to urban area, development must be called upon to positively impact the environment.  How buildings integrate into their surroundings is of paramount importance.  From ground plane to tree canopies - considerations of air, water and habitat must be integrated into the design of buildings.  In this way urban growth and development can be coupled with minimum impact and maximum benefit.  
The attached poster communicates this view.  As an important and recognizable example, the  Mississauga Civic Center serves as the graphic which asks how built form will aid to transformation of Mississauga into a "net-zero" carbon city and contribute to our understanding of Green Urban Design.
Artist Fionn Byrne Academic Institution John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design

The City of Mississauga sponsored a student poster competition for the 2010 Mississauga Urban Design Awards.  The Mississauga Urban Design Awards is an annual competition that pays tribute to projects that best exemplify the City's design principles and their ongoing work to promote excellence in urban design.
The following criteria notes the submission requirements and the basis on which the winning submission and notable entries were chosen.
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