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Urban Design Guidelines

    Downtown Core Built Form Standards
(visit Mississauga Downtown website)
  The purpose of the Downtown Core Built Form Standards is to provide urban design direction and guidance to promote and fulfill the intent of the City's official plan policies, Downtown21 vision and zoning bylaw - all of which shape and have influence on the urban structure, built form qualities and overall character of the Downtown Core.  
    Port Credit Built Form Guide
(visit the Port Credit Review website)
  The Port Credit Built Form Guide is intended to ensure development is appropriate for Port Credit and reflects the unique characteristics of the area.  
Built Form Standards
  The Lakeview Built Form Standards document is to be read in conjunction with the policies in Mississauga Official Plan and the Lakeview Local Area Plan. This document provides urban design direction and guidance to any new development within the area during the design and review of development applications.  
    Clarkson Village - Lakeshore Road West
Urban Design Guidelines
  The purpose of this Urban Design Guidelines is to establish and communicate design expectations for future developments along Lakeshore Road West within the Clarkson Village node.  
    Back to Back and
Stacked Townhouses
  The purpose of this document, in conjunction with the RM9 to RM12 Zoning By-laws, is to provide design professionals, the development industry and residents with planning and urban design direction on the development of back to back and stacked townhouses.  
    New Dwellings, Replacement
Housing and Additions
  The purpose of this document is to assist home owners, designers, architects and landscape architects by outlining the framework and design principles on which the guidelines for Site Plan approval are based.  
    Pedestrian Wind Comfort
and Safety Studies
  The objective of this study is to predict, assess and mitigate the impact of the site and building designs and development on pedestrian level wind conditions. The goal is to maintain comfortable and safe pedestrian level wind conditions that are appropriate for the season and the intended use of pedestrian areas.  
    Standards for
Shadow Studies
  Shadow Studies illustrate the impact of development in terms of sun and daylight access to the surrounding context including surrounding buildings, the public realm, public and private open spaces.  
    Green Development Standards
(visit Green Development Strategy website)
  The Green Development Standards Guidelines focuses on achieving sustainability and environmental responsibility in new development in Mississauga.  
    Crime Prevention Through
Environmental Design (CPTED)
  The goal of this document is to provide developers and citizens with CPTED principles and strategies to create a safer and more livable city. Furthermore, this document will enhance the awareness of safety and provide a better understanding of urban well-being among the citizens of Mississauga.  
    Historic Streetsville
Design Guidelines
  The Historic Streetsville Design Guidelines have been prepared to provide assistance to home and business owners, as well as design and building professionals, when undertaking building renovation or restoration projects.