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Urban Design News

With Mississauga at the end of its greenfield development phase, new growth is being accommodated through infilling and redevelopment of existing sites. Back to Back and Stacked Townhouses are becoming a more prominent form of development.

The City is receiving increased numbers of development applications for these built forms. To address this trend, the Planning and Building Department is preparing Urban Design Guidelines for Back to Back and Stacked Townhouses to set out design criteria for this type of development. Staff are also reviewing the existing Zoning By-law regulations (RM9) to determine what changes to the Zoning By-law are necessary to achieve the City's vision for these housing types.

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The Design and Development Division is reviewing also the Design Guidelines for Industrial Areas. Since the first "Design Guidelines for Industrial Areas" were written in 1991, Mississauga has grown from a suburban city to become a mature complete metropolis. This kind of transformation required to rethink again about the main objectives of shaping the urban patterns in the industrial areas and the ways the urban design/landscape elements and details are articulated. This new revision is called "Urban Design Guidelines for Employment Areas". It is intended to address industrial and commercial development and redevelopment in a significantly urban milieu while maintaining the focus upon excellence in urban design and landscaping which has made our community an attractive centre for economic activities.