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Urban Design Reference Notes

    Noise Attenuation Walls
Along Rail Lines
  This Reference Note provides guidelines for the design and construction of noise attenuation walls along rail lines to minimize the opportunity for graffiti. The guidelines were developed in conjunction with the Mississauga Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Advisory Committee and endorsed by Council on November 26, 1997.  
    Screening for
Roof Top Mechanical Units
    This Reference Note outlines a series of requirements for the adequate screening of roof top mechanical equipment on buildings.  
Stacking Lanes
    This Design Reference Note outlines a series of minimum design guidelines to be used in the evaluation of site plan applications that include drive-through stacking lanes.  
    Outdoor Amenity Area  

The Outdoor Amenity Area Design Reference Note illustrates the City of Mississauga's standards for two types of amenity spaces - Children's and Senior's Outdoor Amenity Areas. The purpose is to ensure that the appropriate amount of outdoor amenity areas are provided and that they meet certain quality standards. The requirements are to be used in the preparation of site plans prior to the submission of a development application.