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Caring For Your New Street Tree

The trees planted on your street were selected to provide shade, windbreaks, privacy, attract birds and wildlife and to beautify your neighbourhood. To ensure the health of your street tree we ask you to follow these tips:

Do not over water

When planted, all new trees are well saturated and will not immediately need more water. Unless specific instructions are left by the tree planting contractor, please do not water your new tree as over watering will harm the tree and may kill it. During dry periods, water your tree twice a week. Saturating the tree infrequently encourages the production of a deep root system and drought tolerant trees. Shallow watering encourages surface rooting which makes the tree more vulnerable to drought.

Maintain a healthy lawn and boulevard

If you maintain a healthy lawn and boulevard, the tree will receive a sufficient amount of water.

Leave wood chips in place

Wood chips placed at the base of the tree help reduce water loss by allowing water and nutrients to penetrate the soil. Please do not pile soil or grass clippings over the wood chips.

Leave support stakes in place

Each new tree is staked to ensure the roots have time to establish and to ensure the growth of a strong, healthy and straight tree. The stakes will be removed by the contractor within the two year warranty period.

Keep lawn mowers and string trimmers away from the trunk of the tree

Damage to the bark can result in the eventual decline or death of the tree.


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