Using 911
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Using 911 to Contact Mississauga Fire & Emergency Services

It is important to note that use of the 9-1-1 system is reserved to emergency situations. Non-emergencies should be directed to our non-emergency number, which is 905-456-5700.




Structure Fires Burning Complaints
Vehicle Fires Minor Fuel Spills
Industrial Accidents Fire Code Violations

When an individual dials 9-1-1, the caller will be asked whether they require Police, Fire or Ambulance. Upon stating "Fire", the caller will be transferred to the Mississauga Fire & Emergency Services' Communications Centre.

How you can help the dispatcher to help you:

  • REMAIN CALM. Give direct answers to all the questions asked. Speak slowly and clearly. You will be asked additional questions so the dispatcher can send the right type of help. All questions are important.
  • WHERE IS THE EMERGENCY? Give the complete address, including any building name or number, apartment or unit number and nearest cross street.
  • WHO NEEDS HELP? Age/number of people.
  • IS ANYONE TRAPPED? Has everyone made it safely out of the building?
  • DON'T HANG UP. Allow the dispatcher to release the call.

How you can help before we arrive:

  • ASSURE everyone that help is on the way.
  • KEEP THE PHONE LINE CLEAR after the 9-1-1 call has been made.
  • DIRECT SOMEONE TO WAIT OUT FRONT to meet Firefighters and lead the way.
  • WAVE A FLASHLIGHT or turn on flashers of a car or a porch light if it's dark or visibility is poor.
  • CONSIDER HAVING AN INTERPRETER if the person or persons needing help does not speak English.
  • SECURE PETS, especially dogs, in a separate area.
  • HAVE A VISIBLE ADDRESS NUMBER, easily readable from the street.