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GO Green Program


Initiated in 1995, the GO Green Program was established to further an environmental vision and responsibility among City employees and visitors to its facilities. Waste reduction through Reducing, Reusing and Recycling of materials, assists the Province of Ontario in reducing 50% of the waste destined to landfills by the year 2000.

Only one year after the program was implemented, the GO Green Program among staff at the Civic Centre saw a 38% increase in the amount of paper being recycled and a 20% decrease in the amount of waste generated.

GO Green recycling bins are located in public facilities: sports arenas, libraries, and community centres throughout the city. These recycling containers have openings for garbage, glass, paper, and cans/plastics. When you visit City facilities, your participation in this 3Rs strategy will contribute to a cleaner, greener Mississauga.

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