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Water Consumption

Our tap water comes from Lake Ontario, which is treated and then pumped throughout the city. Wastewater is then collected and sent to a processing plant where it is treated and returned to Lake Ontario. These processes require lots of energy. By conserving the amount of water you use, you are reducing your energy consumption and, in turn, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Mississauga residents reduced water consumption by 12% in 2013.

In 2013, City of Mississauga residents used 84.07m3 of water (per person) compared to 2012 where residents used 96.04m3 (per person).

Source: Region of Peel, Public Works

Managing Water Consumption

The City of Mississauga has a number of programs in place within its facilities and across the city to reduce the amount of water that is used.

  • There are water efficient fixtures such as toilets and taps, in City of Mississauga facilities.
  • The City of Mississauga uses drought tolerant species in parks and on City lands to minimize the need to water.
  • At the Garry W. Morden Centre rainwater is collected and reused in toilets and for fire training purposes, rather than using drinking water.

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