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Permanent public art

The City of Mississauga commissions and maintains a growing collection of permanent public art. View the public art map to see the locations of artwork in public spaces throughout Mississauga, or view the permanent collection online.

Featured artwork

Proudly Together

Brightly coloured mural surrounding an entrance, with trucks, snow plows, parking meters, traffic lights, a crossing guard and other Work Yard staff

Anya Mielniczek, 2021
Acrylic paint and premium spray paint
Mavis Work Yard, 3185 Mavis Road, Mississauga

Proudly Together is a public art installation, created in collaboration with sta­ff from the City of Mississauga’s Works Operations and Maintenance Division and the Traffic Management and Municipal Parking Division. The mural references the di­fferent tasks, services, history, and work that goes on in the Mavis Yard.

Given the widespread importance of the Yard, the staff­ that work there, and the energy that goes into keeping Mississauga running smoothly, it was important to harness the vibrancy of these stories while illustrating the work in colour and movement.

The mural is both exciting and energizing, informationally rich yet leaves the viewer curious about what other work goes on in the Yard. This mural showcases a glimpse of the hardworking staff, eff­orts, and initiatives it takes to keep the City of Mississauga safe, accessible, and moving!

Proudly Together was a collaboration between the City’s Public Art Program and the Works Operations and Maintenance Division.

About this collection

Permanent public art often includes sculptures, monuments, and integrated artworks. These are commissioned by the City through a formal selection process. Works in the permanent collection are maintained by art conservationists.

The permanent public art collection seeks vibrant and thought-provoking artwork that draws on Mississauga’s natural and living heritage, culture and environment. The City encourages public art as an integral component of public works, facilities and spaces.

Contact us

For more information on permanent public art or the selection process, email