Jenny Chen

Inner Trail

Black and white line drawing of different sized squares, circles, stars and swirls, laid out like a map representing Applewood Trail.

Jenny Chen, 2020
Pen on board, 5″ x 9″

Artist statement

Jenny worked with the topographical view of Applewood trail and created a drawing in her style. This trail is centred around one small river and connects multiple different park areas, playgrounds and neighbourhoods.

Her relationship with this space became stronger after the pandemic because it became one of the only few spaces she could visit.

In some of her walks through the trail, she finds herself fully immersed in the natural spaces and overwhelmed with a sense of magic.

About the artist

Jenny Chen received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from OCAD University in 2016. She currently works in various mediums such as watercolour, pen and clay. Her work uses symbols to create otherworldly environments while considering themes of existentialism and spirituality.

Her exhibition history includes the Living Arts Centre (group), Toronto Media Arts Centre (group) and United Contemporary (solo). She is a recipient of grants from the Ontario Arts Council (exhibition assistance) and Cue Arts Projects.

You can find Jenny on Instagram or on Jenny’s website.